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Servicing your vehicle at CCW is more than just an oil change.

It's a preventative maintenance programme that enhances the reliability and longevity of your vehicle.

CCW offer two service plans:

  • Basic Oil & Filter Service

  • Full Service

Basic Oil & Filter Service

  • Change oil and filter

  • Visually Inspect:

    • Antifreeze/coolant levels

    • Belts

    • Wiper blades

    • Lights

  • Check the level of the following fluids and top them up:

    • Transmission/gearbox fluids

    • Differential fluid

    • Brake fluid

    • Power steering fluid

    • Windshield washer fluid

  • Check tyre pressure and tyre tread depth

Full Service 

  • Replace engine oil and filter

  • Check and top up the following fluids where required: brake, coolant/anti-freeze, power steering, transmission/gearbox, differential, windshield washer fluids

  • Visual check of cooling system including radiator, radiator cap, and hoses

  • Test 12V battery condition and alternator charging rate

  • Visual inspection of air and cabin filter (where applicable and if direct access)

  • Check air conditioning system operation/temperature

  • Check condition and tension of belts where accessible

  • Inspect tyre condition, tread depth and adjust tyre pressures (including spare if accessible) and rotate tyres (if required)

  • Inspect and test headlights, main beam, indicator, brake, tail, number plate, reverse and driving/fog lights

  • Reset service light where applicable (subject to tooling compatibility) 

  • Test horn operation

  • Visual Inspection of exhaust system including mountings for security, leaks and noise

  • Visual inspection of steering rack (where visible)

  • Visual inspection of CV boots and driveshafts (where applicable)

  • Visual inspection for engine oil leaks

  • Visual inspection of steering and suspension component condition including mounting, leaks, wear, damage and corrosion and lubricate as required

  • Visual inspection of brake pads and rotors (wheel-on inspection, and where visible)

  • Check Park brake and adjust (where applicable and if required)

  • Visual check spark plug condition (based on direct access to plugs - excludes Diesel vehicles)

  • Visual check engine/transmission mounts (where visible)

  • Check wheel bearings for excessive play

  • Road test vehicle up to 50km/h

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