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Vehicle Compliance Inspection

Bringing car culture to New Zealand

Wherever you may be importing your vehicle from in the world, the team at Custom Compliance Workshop are here to facilitate the entire Compliance process from the moment your vehicle arrives on the Port.

Many workshops overcomplicate the process, but CCW will provide you with a stress free and straight forward experience.

Contact us today to get started on your compliance journey.


About Our Compliance ​

  • ​All vehicles complied by the AA

  • Comply light passenger vehicles with a GVM of 3,500kg or less

  • Experienced in complying vehicle imports from all around the world - we've seen it all!

  • Compliance available for de-registered light passenger vehicles 

  • Fully set-up for compliance mechanical repairs 

  • Can guide you through the LVV and Repair Certification processes

  • Transportation options for motor vehicle traders from Auckland to Whangarei, Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington after compliance inspection

Vehicle Compliance Cost

  • Price for the compliance inspection is between $415+gst to $500+gst 

  • Price depends on whether or not your vehicle is:
    - A standard passenger vehicle
    - From a country which requires extra steps for document verification
    - A special interest, classic or exotic vehicle 

    Contact us directly with your vehicle details for a quote. 


1. Documentation

Documentation is the most crucial step in the entire compliance process. Different countries have different rules, so before you import your vehicle, you need to make sure it will meet the New Zealand requirements. 

The main requirements which need to be met but are often overlooked are:

  • Proof of ownership

  • Frontal impact standard

  • Exhaust emission standard

  • Electronic stability control

Where you are importing your vehicle from will determine what evidence needs to be supplied to prove your vehicle meets the requirements. The following link on NZTA's website details Country specific evidence. For documentation requirements for de-registered vehicles see our FAQ - How do I get a de-registered vehicle back on the road?

2. Interior Inspection

Once you have confirmed all the documents are in order and your vehicle finally arrives in New Zealand, the first stage of the inspection process can commence. This first stage is known as Interior Inspection. 

At this stage, the interior trim of the vehicle is stripped out so that the inspector can inspect everything concealed behind these components. Your vehicle will also be issued a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The main items the inspector is assessing at this stage are:

  • Vehicle structure 

  • Seat belts & anchorages 

  • Seats & anchorages 

  • Head restraints 

We have a detailed video explaining the interior inspection process on our Facebook Page for further elaboration.

Vehicle Compliance Process

Compliance Process

3. Underbody Inspection

Once the Interior Inspection is complete, your vehicle is reassembled and put on a hoist for underbody inspection. Here the underbody components are removed so that the inspector can see the vehicle in its entirety. 

The main items the inspector is assessing at this stage are:

  • Brakes

  • Vehicle structure

  • Tyres, wheels & hubs 

  • Steering & suspension

  • Engine components 


Here they compare structural and mechanical parts against original manufacturer specifications and the minimum requirements as specified by NZTA. 

4. Brakes, Emissions, Vision & Lighting Test

The final step of the inspection is the Brakes, Emissions, Vision & Lighting Test. 

The main items the inspector is assessing at this stage are:

  • Service & park brake performance 

  • Metered emission test

  • Dashboard warning lights

  • All vehicle exterior lights

  • Windscreen condition

  • Windscreen wipe & wash

  • Mirrors

  • Vehicle entry & exit


5. Compliance Repairs 

If your vehicle fails on anything during the inspection process, you have 21 working days to have these items remedied and rechecked. If you are unable to get the items rechecked within this 21 working day period, the vehicle will need a full reinspection. 

CCW are fully equipped to fix standard compliance repairs your vehicle may need. We have a large supplier network ensuring we are able to source parts for all makes & models at fair prices.

However, in some cases, vehicles may fail compliance because they  require extra certification. For more information, see our Certification FAQs.

6. WOF & Registration

After the compliance inspection and once any repairs and certification are complete, your vehicle will be issued a WOF and a special registration form called a MR2A.

All you need to do after this step is to take the MR2A to an approved registration agent and pay a registration fee. You can choose to register your vehicle for 6 or 12 months. You will then be issued registration plates on the spot.

All that is left for you after this is to fit your plates and then you are free to drive your car in New Zealand for the first time!

Contact Us

The team at Custom Compliance Workshop are passionate about what we do and are happy to help you with any questions you may have. 

Let us know how we can help you on your compliance journey.

Thank you for your enquiry. One of the CCW Team will be in touch soon.

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